Absence is making your heart grow fonder, right? say it’s right.

I miss you guys. hard. i’m ass-deep in a web project at work and coincidentally have been dealing with some major personal shit outside of work, too. so i haven’t been able to creep around your places as much as i’d like. and i haven’t been able to even think about posting. i promise to be back before too long.

as if you care. well i care, damnit!

so i’m going to leave you with a quickie to hold you over. here are some random thoughts:

i did the networked blogs thingy, so won’t you follow me? see it’s just there at the right, below my awesome avi. i don’t have too many followers so it’s pretty sorry looking. i’m not above begging when it comes to the way things look. i’m a superficial bitch like that.

i vote for an arts and crafts period at work. arts and crafts time shouldn’t stop with grade school, summer camp, elderly homes, and mental institutions. it would be great for brainstorming and meetings. at parties. at bars (but not on a bed). at BBQs. there should be an arts and crafts app where you can invite others to join you.

speaking of a cool thing to invite others to do. check out this new social media site, story bird. it’s collaborative story telling, motherfuckers! i can’t wait to play with this thing once i come up for air. and if you play with it, you better invite me! yes, i’m an overly sensitive teenage girl sometimes. ok most of the time.