Show us your meat

I’m upset about this weiner business. not because tweeting a photo of your moose knuckle to a hot chick is all sleazy and salacious and the dude is married.

that shit happens all the time and the emotional repercussions are between him and his wife. and hilary clinton probably. besides relationship stuff is thick, layered and very complicated. that kind of analysis is best left for someone with credentials. or credibility. neither of which i have.

now don’t get me wrong if anthony weiner used any official resources to talk dirtay with his dianas, i think he should be lynched. (and i really hope john edwards goes down in a flame of silicone lube for soliciting and secretly spending more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby during his campaign. fucker!)

what i am upset about is that no one ever tweets pics of their package to me.

don’t get all excited. this isn’t an open invitation or a “tweet your meat” contest announcement (although that’s not a half bad idea, i think the contest would be huge – TWSS), but it’s just the idea of it.

i like junk.

i embrace technology and new media.

i adore pop culture. (damn i’m punny)

i want in!

yet no one is sexting me, sending me dirty pics, leaking sex videos of me, or tweeting me their massive male muscle.

what am I chopped tuna?

hear this men: the 20 somethings, college students and nubile porny stars aren’t the only chicks wanting men to flex for them. in fact, they may well be among the least engaged in your brand promise. you’re missing targeting your message to a key market segment. that is, over 40 with a hungry, open mind and discretionary time for play (our children are grown and our careers are established).

campaign fail!

well we all know this was a big power trip and men in power pull these kind of shenanigans because they think they are getting away with something and are reaping satisfaction by imagining some trophy girl will perceive them as hip, badass and well-endowed. so silly. try to impress a woman who is savvy, has discriminating taste and sophistication. a woman who can’t be bought and sold. in other words, take on a real challenge, ya numbnut. then it might be impressive.

the other reason i’m upset about this weiner stuff is because he tried to delete the tweet. i feel his pain here. i can’t tell you how many time i’ve  responded to a twitter message notification text on my iphone thinking i was responding as a direct message only to have my response appear as a tweet for all of my followers to see.

when i would delete the tweet, it would disappear from my timeline, but it wasn’t getting removed from everyone else’s timeline! this is from the twitter help center on deleting a tweet:

Hover your mouse over the message (as shown below), and click the “Delete” option that appears. Voila! Gone forever… almost. Deleted updates sometimes hang out in Twitter search. They will clear with time.”

almost? sometimes hang out? clear with time?

twitter has no real delete mechanism. this poor sap thought he would flash his physique to just one chick and it went to everyone. there is no way to save your ass (or your dick as it be) on twitter!

now that’s evil.