freelance whales

as some of you know my fun is still on the run. first there’s the back and leg pain which after the MRI and x-rays the ortho thinks may be my sacroiliac joint. the fuck? but to be sure i need to have an SI joint injection under x-ray. not happy punkers.

then there’s the car. on my way to pick up a friend for the freelance whales show at johnny brenda’s in philadelphia last night the fucker overheated. this after it overheated and died two weeks ago and after spending $1200 to have it towed and repaired. it does it again. frickem frackem fucking mother cocksucking. i’m done with i service imports, the shop that “fixed” it.

mr. punker came and got me in the city and drove the smoking vehicle home.

i wasn’t going to go to the show. nerve wracked and spent, i was wallowing in self-pity.

then i said to myself, “self, you only live once. and someday i may not be able to go see live music. and live music nourishes my soul. energizes and inspires me.”

what i love about live music is that it gets in my head and kicks the crap out of all the bullshit heavy negative stuff taking up valuable and limited real estate.

so i put on some rocker clothes, added some black eyeliner, packed up my license and FOP card, grabbed an endocet, hopped in mr punker’s big truck and headed to the show.

and i’m happy i did. it was a fun show and other than this encounter with a doucher standing at the bar next to me, i was able to rock out with my subwoofer out.

me: what happened to my beer?  (seeing half dranken beer in front of doucher) did you take my beer?

doucher: sorry honey i just grabbed the one behind me. (who the fuck says “honey.” this kid is like 20-something.)

(doucher passes me back my beer)

me: hope you don’t have herpes.

doucher: just aids.

(stupid. doucher buys himself a new beer. himself! not me. i get his fucking backwash and now he ponies up the $5 for a sly fox dunkel lager.)

me: oh good a new beer since we’re sharing.

doucher: you can a have a sip. even steven. (even steven? you gotta be fucking kidding me?)

me: yeah that’s ok, how about we just establish some boundaries. you keep your beer over there. and mine will be over here.

doucher: ok honey.

(no he fucking didn’t)

and don’t ya know the little scumbag chuggs his beer down in like two gulps leaving me to hold my beer for the rest of the show.

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