I Love Kathy Griffin. Wanna Know Why?

There’s something about a gal who doesn’t hesitate to share all of her personal interactions with the world.

I’m not sure why I relate to that. I just do.

Griffin’s memoir talks about her childhood, her time in the Groundlings, her marriage and subsequent divorce and her plastic surgery. Nothing is overlooked or brushed aside.

Though if you’d like to hear the word “liposuction” again without cringing, I strongly recommend you avoid the attached photographs.

Whatever you think of her comedy, Kathy Griffin works hard and writes with a refreshing candor about her life.

And maybe it’s just me, but I also enjoyed hearing the backstage stories about Jack Black, Brooke Shields (she’s just “rich”), Jerry Seinfeld, and Stephen Spielberg. It’s like reading a tabloid, only it’s 50% more likely to be true and you don’t have to hide in the bathroom of the beach rental property where you discovered them sitting on the mantle.

I’ve stopped picking the price tags off the covers because all my books were starting to stick together

So I hope you enjoy the added classiness.