I Try To Be Deep But It Always Ends In Sharks

A deep, spiritual quote about waves or change or fear of sharks.

That’s what should accompany these photos.

Yet no amount of Discovery Channel pondering can help me think of one.

Visiting Washington state I had ventured out into the freezing Pacific waters, my relatives waiting back on the beach.

I’d been in the Pacific Ocean before.

But I’m a sucker for photo shoots.

Especially of the unattractive-angle variety.

That purple toenail polish was leftover from Sharon’s wedding.

Yes, this photo was taken months later.

But is far from the most embarrassing Sharon’s wedding toenail polish story I have to share.

A boy complimented my toes on New Year’s, saying the color of the polish was attractive.

“Oh, thanks, that’s left from Sharon’s wedding – you can see how much my nails have grown since then.”

“Ooooh, I’d wondered how you’d painted such a straight line across them,” he responded.

I like to impress people with the extent of my laziness.

I used to try and impress them with wit but it just became too much work.

Sometimes, waves come along when you least expect them.

And sometimes that wave is carrying a shark.

And not a bull shark.

One of the big suckers with multiple sets of teeth and a taste for human flesh.

You know, I think I was right.

Deep, spiritual quotes just aren’t me.

But I did once read an article that said there’s something in human flesh that can be addictive.

So I might have something there.

This post was not brought to you by people with a realistic view of sharks.