Reasons to Rock

Discovering a friend shares your love of Jessica Rabbit, hiking to the top of K2, finding one last piece of candy corn in mid-November – these are all reasons to rock.

Not to be confused with discovering your friend shares your love of mini croissants. That is a reason to have a mini tea party.

Though I seldom drink tea. I grew so accustomed to Moroccan Mint Tea that if a tea’s composition isn’t at least 45% sugar then it just doesn’t taste right.

I care enough about not making my body explode that I’m ashamed of my sugary tea habits, so I seldom drink tea in front of other people.

It’s my secret shame.

And like all my secret shames, it felt right to share it on the Internet.

I feel I’ve gotten distracted from my point – rocking.

To rock is an intrinsic human need.

A need that must be met.

Thankfully, there are many times in life when a reason to rock presents itself.

And the greatest of these is watching a fake Bono lead a U2 cover band in a rendition of a Pink Floyd song.