What Was Gerald Thinkin’?

In the cold winter months I mourn, slowly driving by Gerald the Groundhog’s home, knowing he’s hibernating and won’t prance out of his hole to see me.

Now his twins taunt me too, so close, yet thanks to groundhog behavior, so far.

They didn’t even pop up and wave hi on Groundhog’s Day.

And it hurt.

So today I’m holding photos of Gerald et al. close to my heart.

It only seemed fair to have you do the same.

So for a $25 Visa gift card, write a comment telling me what Gerald is thinkin’ in the photo.

Only one entry per person, please – contest ends Tuesday at midnight EST.

Then I’ll gather all the entries together and choose a winner based on hilarity, nostalgia, adorableness and whether I’ve eaten breakfast.

Good luck!