I Give Thanks (Though Not In A Traditional Fashion)

I have no Thanksgiving plans.

Skye might try and host her own again. I might go over and help her cook a vegetarian meal using the only pot her mom owns. Or I might stay home and watch a parade or two.

My family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

The story why is 80% boring, 17% not my story to tell and 3% fear of cranberry sauce.

Since I don’t have personal family traditions regarding Thanksgiving, all my perceptions are based on my friends.

And through the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting their Thanksgiving activities.

Jeff will travel down south to visit Meredith’s family. He will go turkey hunting with her dad and once more fail to kill anything, signifying his lack of marital appeal. Meredith’s family will then be forced to deep fry a store-bought turkey. And Jeff’s shame shall be apparent to all.

Lindsey will eat at the Golden Corral with her mom and brother. She doesn’t enjoy being teased about their choice of holiday cheer food.

Allison will head up north to Boston to have a traditional celebration with her family.

Anna will gather with her grandparents and siblings and have a stressful, boisterous day.

And I shall be thankful, wherever I am, whatever I wind up doing.

Thankful for friends

And family

And cheese