If You Haven’t Unfollowed Me Yet, Just Keep Reading…

Is it better to be followed and then unfollowed than never to have been followed at all?

Oh yes – I’m getting all philosophical on this blog today.

I ask this because the web management program I use for Best of Fates’ feed, FeedBurner, is probably secretly run by my arch-enemy.

That is obvious both because of my arch-enemies ability to be wherever is most inconvenient and FeedBurner’s insistence on sending me an email whenever somebody unsubscribes.

Not that I haven’t tried to stop this feature.

But no matter how many times I stress that I’m really happier not knowing when people stop liking me, the emails continue.

Not that FeedBurner is obsessed with emails. I certainly don’t receive a missive when someone subscribes.

This means that often the first time I learn about a follower is at the point where they’ve decided to go on to bigger and better blogs.

I’ve come to think of these emails as my Dear Crappy Writer letters.

I had thought of them as Dear John letters, but recently decided that was too vague for such specific angst.