Harry Potter Clue Is Like An Alcoholic Strawberry Daiquiri

Blogging has changed my life.

Now, sometimes when people say that it sounds disingenuous or exaggerated but I assure you, for me it’s true.

For, if it wasn’t for blogging, I might never have discovered that Harry Potter Clue exists.

Knowing my love of board games and of forcing my friends to play such board games, it was clear it must be mine.

Thankfully, my mom then bought it.

‘Cause she just knows me.

And ’cause I might or might not have sent out a creepily excited email at the magical discovery.

(Which is unrelated to the creepily excited emails I send about Harry Potter pins.)

(An email list I once mentioned in front of my favorite dog‘s mom, so then politely asked if she’d like to be added onto.)

(Like many things I’ve offered people, the response was, “Ohhhh, no… that’s okay.”)

Actually playing was a revelation.

Specifically, it revealed that Harry Potter Clue is exactly like an alcoholic strawberry daiquiri.