Pay No Attention To The Goat

I was so excited to write today’s post. All night, every time I woke up, I thought of how easy it’d be to write.

In fact, I pre-wrote a good portion.

All I’d have to do was upload the photos from my phone, write out the words and ta da.

Only then this morning came.

And I turned on my computer.

And I grabbed my phone.

And I hadn’t actually gotten to the point of scrolling through my photos before I realized that the pics needed for my post?

The photographs I took yesterday of Lindsey’s pet bison, next to the unknown man wearing a Big Bird costume?

Those photos don’t exist.

Because that didn’t really happen.

Because Lindsey doesn’t have a pet bison.

And if she did, and I was photographing said bison, and a stranger walked up dressed as Big Bird and sat down next to Ted the Bison, I wouldn’t react by calming continuing to take photos.

And not only because of my fear of people in costumes.

But also because of my fear of serial killers.

‘Cause there’s no way the surprise-man-dressed-as-Big-Bird story ends well.