Grandma + Video Camera = Awkward?

I don’t think of my Grandma as an awkward woman.

(Some family gifts are mine alone.)

But I found some evidence that maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe awkwardness is more hereditary than I thought.

Last night, as Skye and Lindsey patiently watched video after video in my search to find a specific one of my Grandma, I came across this one.

And I think there’s an 82.7% chance you’re going to think this is the most boring, strange video I’ve ever shared.

(Or you’ve ever watched.)

(Depending on how much time you devote to watching boring videos.)

(Personally, I try to keep Boring Video Time to a minimum.)

(But I often have a lot of nap time to catch up on.)

It’s a video of my Grandma and my Uncle Bob.

(Family Cheat Sheet: my Grandpa’s youngest brother.)

And I could tell you all about their adorable relationship and how he drove her to the grocery store every week and how she’d make extra food for him to take home and how he promised my Grandpa he’d look after her.