Then I Climbed To The Top of Mt. Christie, A Mystery Conquerer

That is, to say, I’m having quite a good year so far.

I’m also having a year filled with goal making and organization and planning.

(Surprising fact about me – though I’m far too lazy to follow-through with such things, I love making plans.)

(Most of the excitement of said planning comes from the idea of crossing things off a list.)

(I seldom actually get to that stage, but just the idea of list crossing is quite a high.)

Yet, I’ve recently started working toward a goal I believe I can accomplish.

My plan to read every one of Agatha Christie’s novels starring Hercule Poirot.

(I’m well aware this post is jinxing myself.)

(And possibly all of you just by having read it.)

(I’m terribly sorry.)

I’ve mentioned my Poirot goal once or twice in passing, and those of you who follow me on Instagram have surely tired of seeing book covers pass by, but the more I get into it, the more I’m loving it.

Mainly because it’s easy. The Poirots are interesting, fast reads and as I have a lot of built-in reading time in my schedule (hello, hour lunches), I don’t have to prioritize them over other activities.

I started my Christie marathon about six weeks ago and so far have read fourteen novels.

(I admit, I’ve cheated on Agatha a couple of times, but it’s always her that’s been in my heart.)

I’m not setting up a strong deadline for having finished the remaining twenty-three books. Just an idea that when one’s over it’s time for another.

And I’ve also started hoping for suspicious jewelry thefts or kidnapped pet iguanas.

It seems a dreadful waste to not use my new crime-solving abilities.

So if you’ve recently found mysterious, threatening letters on your dashboard, let me know.

I just might be able to crack the case.

(But, on the off chance I don’t, it’s probably also wise to contact the local authorities.)

Wish me luck!