Skorn’s Brute Strength Takes Down Yet Another Victim

One afternoon, while we were seniors in high school, Skorn tried to get into her mom’s car.

Sadly, though, she forgot she was too powerful to attempt such a thing and pulled the car door handle right off.

This might have become a vague memory if it weren’t for her mom’s reaction, which was shockingly serious anger.

She yelled at Skorn, saying she knew better than to use all of her “brute strength” on the innocent door handle.

And though Skorn defended herself, her mom never gave in, always claiming that Skorn was, in fact, to blame for HandleGate, as I just realized we should call it.

Last week, Skorn & I gathered at my mom’s house for our weekly Psych Night.

(It was the second said weekly gathering this year.)

(We’re easily distracted.)

After eating the veggies my mom had grilled and before watching Shawn and Gus solve a murder in a Victorian mansion, Skorn shared her exciting news of the day.

For, on that day, Skorn’s brute strength struck again.

And her innocent door handle paid the price.

It turns out Skorn’s mom was correct all those years ago.

Skorn’s brute strength is a danger to us all.