Ideally This Post Would End With An Assembly Line Zebra Joke

Today, while scooping ice, I was thinking about the morality of purchasing clothing made in sweatshops.

(‘Cause no drink is complete without ice.)

(And because sweatshops are bad.)

(To fully explain all parts of my initial actions.)

‘Cause I recently had a discussion with Lindsey and Skye about how I am obviously oppossed to the horrible opression of people, especially when they’re being exploited so I can have a cheap t-shirt with a multicolored zebra on it.

(Unrelated, that image comes to you via my childhood love of the Fruit Stripe mascot, which almost made up for the fact that Fruit Stripe gum retained its flavor for roughly .47 seconds.)

And I was thinking about how I should probably look into where my clothes come from and limit my purchasing accordingly.

But then I was remembering an article I read interviewing a representative of workers in some poorly-paid, un-safe group of factories and how he/she said the worst outcome was people stopping buying their products, ’cause then everyone will just be out of work.

It’s far better, this person of an unremembered gender said about workers in a country I can’t remember, for people to fight for changing conditions while continuing to provide said workers with jobs.

(So my memory isn’t great, if you haven’t noticed.)

Then my mind switched over to thinking about how I should avoid products tested on animals, something else I’ve always meant to research.

It was then I was struck with the thought, “wait, why are we taking the jobs from all the monkeys?”

“Who’s going to hire them now?”

In case you were wondering

It took a good 30 seconds

For my brain to figure out the answer.