Losing it all..

Argh… these past few weeks have been somewhat stressful. A week after my last post I received a letter from my PM telling me that my contract was not being renewed by the client (for the uninitiated this means, I’m being laid off). Now, I’m stuck trying to find a new job, all the while trying to get back into school. Unfortunately this leaves little time for me to write.

I’ve been mostly working on my resume, though there is little I can do now to make it any better. I’m surprised at how many jobs require a college degree. Though I’m not going to go on my diatribe of the uselessness of a college degree when weighted against someone with actual experience (the person with the experience usually gets hired regardless of education). Fortunately for me, I’ve got plenty of experience…

Anyway, that’s the update for right now. My mind isn’t exactly processing at full speed, so that’s all you get for now.