Dog Excited Faces, Curly Fries, & Adam West: Happiness Now

What’s making me most happy today?

That I finally got my computer back to normal and can share photos of what’s making me happy.

Including Skye being home.

And her car back up and running.

(Pay no attention to the failed inspection sticker in the window.)

That I’ve finally gotten my dad’s dog Buckley to make an #ExcitedFace with me.

(It took some months but I’m really pleased with the outcome.)

(Not sure why this isn’t covered in standard dog training.)

I’ve found a deli with quality curly fries.

(If by found I mean my dad took me there, which I obviously do.)

Skye and I played an entire game of clue, which ended with me first discovering who must be the murderer and their weapon and location.

When I went into the case file to verify my guesses, I found it empty.

As it turns out, when I shuffled the cards and passed them out, I forgot to take 3 out to be the guilty parties.

(This is just as embarrassing as it sounds.)

This ice cream exists, if you hadn’t heard.

(HIGHLY recommended.)

I’ve finally re-started watching Walking Dead with Jeff and Lindsey.

(We like to keep roughly four months behind everybody else.)

(It makes it impossible to make casual party conversation about what TV I watch, so I can then focus on telling hilarious strawberry-themed jokes.)

(I also went to a real-life party this weekend, except I forgot to take photos and made not a single strawberry-themed joke, so there’s really little to share.)

I took twenty photos of us walking to get a great shot of Buckley and me.

This is the best I got.

(Clearly his photo training has not ended with his #ExcitedFace mastery.)

(No dog’s perfect.)

Skye’s return has brought the return of Tuesday Nights (currently held on Thursdays).

And we’ve continued the tradition of always making quesadillas.

(I love traditions.)

(It’s the laziness in me.)

Anna took me out to dinner at my first ever vegetarian restaurant.

(I tend to avoid them, as I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t like tofu or seitan or fake meat of any kind.)

(It’s a struggle.)

But she managed to find a meal I enjoyed.

(She was, rightfully, very proud of herself.)

(It was aloo gobi, if you were curious.)

I discovered that ME TV shows old Batman episodes.

I cannot emphasize enough how exciting this is.


(They also show old Wonder Woman episodes, which are not quite as entertaining as I’d hoped.)

My mom returned home.

(She was visiting family in Michigan.)

(One of the kids has graduated high school.)

(Leaving only one left to go.)

(Subtext: I’m super old.)

We celebrated her return with Japanese food.

And no celebration is complete without Shirley Temples.

Afterwards, my mom prepared her famous sliced pineapples.

(You can tell we’re not fancy guests because she didn’t keep the head on like she would for proper guests.)

Finally, we attempted to make frozen margaritas, only it turns out my mom’s blender is too powerful to crush ice into slush and instead immediately liquefies all cubes.

(Which is probably a sign we’re close to the machines taking over.)

(So enjoy your non-poisoned fruity drinks now.)

(The end is nigh.)

But there was plentiful salt, so I was pretty pleased.