Kat’s Movies: Million Dollar Arm

Guys? I only saw a single movie this past week. Along with my computer turning into a heavy white screen, I’m clearly failing as a blogger.

(It turns out, when you get those pop-ups saying “your memory is pretty much full, are you sure you want to upload more photos?” you should pay attention to that.)

(Don’t worry, it’s almost entirely fixed, thanks to hours of watching a rainbow swirl, a loan of an external hard-drive, and ignoring why my dock is now in a different location and has different icons.)

(Tl;dr: technology isn’t my strong suit.)

But, fingers crossed, I will return next week with ALL THE PHOTOS YOU CAN HANDLE.

(It’ll be intense.)

Now, onto Million Dollar Arm.

Fanning Out!
I really like Suraj Sharma who plays Rinku Singh and Madhur Mittal who plays Dinesh Patel.

But even more I love the woman who plays Rinku’s mom. The scenes with her are the emotional heart of the entire film. Though they’re a comparably small part of the overall movie, during each moment she was on screen I was imagining what it would be like to have your child taken to a foreign country by a man who didn’t speak your language to play a game you’ve never seen.

Basically, though I can’t find that actor’s name, she’s my new favorite.

Deep(Ish) Insights!
If you stay for the credits, the real two boys who won the contest are shown through photos and videos and you realize that a shocking amount of the movie is taken directly from real life. Like, almost every throw-away scene is based in a real-life, recorded moment. Even Jon Hamm’s love interest is a real woman that existed. This seems unique for a “based on a real story” movie, especially an inspirational sports movie, and it blows my mind.

(Guys, if Mighty Ducks is real, I need to know about this.)