I Met A Mom

Who is more conservative than me.

I know.

And it is wonderful.

She restricts the same shows I do. I even let my kids watch a show she doesn’t – crazy days! Her kids watch less TV than mine, spend more time outside and play more independently than mine.

I love it.

Sarah and her daughter have had two lovely play dates together. It’s not enough.

The mom and I have become FaceBook friends. It’s not enough.

I want Sarah and her daughter to play together every weekend, I want to sit and have coffee, chat, while they play.

It’s so refreshing to meet another mom who is like-minded. Who doesn’t think I’m crazy for being so conservative. I know I’m conservative. I know. So meeting a mom who is even more so than me — without being freaky?


And she’s not freaky. She’s all kinds of stylish and pulled together. Funny and so friendly. She owns her own business. Parents two girls and two dogs by herself all week while her husband works out of town. She’s busy and frazzled, high energy and grounded.

Like I said, I want to sit and chat with her more while our girls play.

Am I in love?

I think so.

Now, to stalk her without her knowing…