Growing Up

Violet left for Bible camp on Monday afternoon — for a week. I was worried and didn’t think she was ready to go, it turns out I was the one who wasn’t ready. She was vibrating with excitement and anticipation for weeks before hand and couldn’t even sit still the day we dropped her off.

And the camp? RUSTIC. I don’t do rustic unless it’s in a recipe name. Rustic vegetable soup? Check. Rust chicken and vegetables? Check. Rustic cabins? No thank you. But she was in love with the place, so I put an extra layer on her mattress and we left.


I haven’t heard from her since, and it’s Wednesday. That’s two nights without me tucking her in. Two days without me telling her to brush her teeth, her hair, get dressed, make her bed.

That means she’s doing this all on her own. I think we’re going to have to up her responsibilities when she gets home.

She’s having a blast, I’m sure, with barely a minute to think about or miss us. Which I’m thankful for. And I know the camp is great – a dear friend went to the same camp for years and has told me what a blessing it was and she received many blessings by going to the camp. I’m hopeful it will provide Violet with the same. I want her to make lifelong friendships and grow in Christ while she’s having fun and I know this is one major way to accomplish that.

But I still miss her. And I’m still going to bathe her the minute she gets home.