Remember That One Time Where I THOUGHT I Texted My Psych?

That one time I was wrong??


I texted my psychiatrist (because she’s awesome and gave me her cell number for just these times) and said:

This is Kim. Can you please call me when you get a chance? I’m having some problems with my anxiety level and am leaving for vacation on Sunday.

Oh, and I used my first AND last name.

Then, about 20 minutes later I got this message:

I just wanted to let you know this came to the wrong person

OMG. And then I died a little and tried to hide. So I texted Diana who was embarrassed for me.

I texted back:

Ugh. Thanks & so sorry

I wanted to scream.

Then, later I received this message from that same wrong number:

No problem just wanted to make sure you got the help you need. Have a great vacation.

And then I died a lot.

So I copied it and sent it to Diana.

Who promised me she wasn’t laughing. Which made me smile. And remember that I won’t actually be seeing this random person I’d just told about my anxiety.

So now? I’m telling all of you.

You’re welcome.