Slow Cookin’

So. With the kids back in school I’ve decided that I’m going to do more home, from scratch cooking. And Diana at Hormonal Imbalances has been talking about the beauty of crock pots for years. So I scoured Pinterest and cookbooks and found some that sounded amazing.


This morning, before I even had the kids on the bus I had dinner out, prepped and in the crock pot. Honey Parmesan pork chops. I assembled all the needed ingredients then pushed little button that said, “High 6 hours.” Not worried a bit that the recipe said, “Low 6 hours.” Because 6 hours in a crock pot is 6 hours. Right?

Wrong. So very, very wrong.

My house smells wonderful, but the pork chops? Caked with the honey Parmesan sauce. The juice I was supposed to make a gravy with? Burnt and nasty.

The house smells amazing though. So there’s that.

And I just ruined 3 center cut, thick pork chops.


So. Those of you who use crock pots — what kind do you have? How many settings? I need some help here. This ‘easy’ way of cooking seems to be a little difficult for me!