Doing What I’m Told . . . And Trusting God

I don’t even know how to begin this post. I’ve already started crying. But after talking with my therapist and psychiatrist they recommended that I write about it. So I’m going to listen and do what I’m told.

We’ve all written posts about Sandy Hook, have prayed and done random acts of kindness in honor of those precious lives.

It’s been 3 weeks since this horrific event.

It wasn’t me that lost the love of my life.

But I’m grieving more than I’ve ever grieved.

More than even my 3 miscarriages – which almost sickens me.

I’ve avoided all news about what happened – I’m at least smart enough to know that information will not help in this situation. I’ve managed to quickly scroll past pictures of those babies lost and descriptions of funerals, information on what actually happened.

And still, I’m plagued by intrusive thoughts of ‘what ifs’ and ‘oh, Jesus, why, why, why?’

I’ve stood in my shower and yelled at God, sobbed and started taking Xanax again at bedtime.

I have stopped crying every time I look at my children. But when I kiss them goodnight, when they are sleeping soundly in their beds, when they are warm, safe and wrapped in my love? I get choked up and my mind races.

The first thing I think of when my eyes open in the morning is the parents and the overwhelming grief they are experiencing.

Because when I first heard the news we all thought it was a kindergarten class that was lost, I immediately fixated on John – because he is in kindergarten and I volunteer in his classroom. And an entire class of these amazing little lives were gone.

Then I learned it was a first grade classroom. So I transferred my obsession to Sarah because she is in the first grade and I’ve been in her room, on field trips with these sweet, sweet children, and how could this be gone in an instant?

I’m completely aware that I’m transferring my worries, my fears, from one child to another. Which my therapist and psych say is a good thing. It means I’m paying attention to what my mind is doing and beginning to understand what my brain does when I’m overwhelmed with grief and fear.

I did give Sarah and Violet good, appropriate information on what happened. Violet heard some worrisome information while at dance and around older girls, but we talked about it and she was reassured. Since I couldn’t talk about it without crying, we also talked about grief and being sad about something when it hasn’t happened directly to you.

I’m talking to God about this constantly and holding onto the knowledge that this, somehow, in some way, is His plan. But, even with this knowledge, I question continually and argue that even one soul saved from this tragedy does not justify what happened.

I’m furious with God and this didn’t happen to me.

I’m grieving deeply and somewhat inappropriately for the parents, family and friends of these perfect lives lost.

I’m praying that by writing about it I will be able to get some of this grief out and onto this paper, pour it into this instead of into my heart and mind. When I write about my depression that is what happens – I’m able to acknowledge what happened and begin to move on. Perhaps this will be the same.

I don’t know yet, because I’m sitting here wiping tears off my face and feel no release.

The only thing I do know is I’ve cherished my children and our moments together more than I thought possible. I thought I cherished them before – I was mistaken. This injustice has taken my love for, my feeling of being blessed for my life and babies, my patience with them and acceptance of who they are to a whole new level.

But even if that is part of God’s plan from this – that we all experience these feelings? It’s not enough.

My heart breaks numerous times daily for Sandy Hook and all of the victims. I know it stretches across the country with relatives and friends of those incredible lives lost. I pray almost continuously for them and think about where they are.

And I’m well aware that this is, on some level, going too far.

My psych says that I take my grief for one thing – something that has happened to me such as losing memories when I was so sick, my fear for Violet when she had the meningitis this summer, and instead of dealing with it then, in the moment, I shove it down and then it overwhelms me when something else happens. Then it all comes out – somehow safer when I’m feeling for somebody else and not me.


I’ll let you know how or if this helps.