This week ended up being the week of sick

I sure am glad it’s the weekend, even though I won’t have much time for relaxing.

Last weekend was interesting. On Friday night, we realized our freezer wasn’t working, and then on Saturday realized that the entire fridge wasn’t working, so we had to toss a lot of food and make room in our deep freezer and mini fridge for the remaining food. $300 later, our fridge had a brand new start relay and we were back in business. Not exactly what you want to be spending your money on right before Christmas, but I guess it’s better than a new fridge, right?

Saturday afternoon, I took the boys to the mall myself while Jdaddy stayed home and rested. He had a terrible cold and was miserable. I was also miserable, but only because the boys are not fun to take shopping by myself. We picked up a few gifts and then got out of there as fast as we could.

On Sunday, we went to a photographer for Buster’s 3 year pictures. Buster, in case you couldn’t tell, doesn’t really like to have his picture taken. I knew we were up for a battle. All in all, it went pretty well. We, of course, had a lot of pictures taken of Buster by himself, but we also had some taken of Buddy, as well as the two of them together. We also braved family pictures and then the photographer took some of Jdaddy and me without the kids. I can’t wait to see the proofs…we’ll see them in about another week or so.

This week ended up being the week of sick. Jdaddy felt terrible on Monday, so he planned to work from home on Tuesday. Well, Tuesday morning I woke Buddy up and immediately realized that he had a fever. So he was staying home, and Jdaddy had a doctor’s appointment and a vet appointment for our dog, so I decided I needed to stay home and take care of Buddy. There was no way he was going to be dragged out of the house for all those appointments.

It was determined that Jdaddy had a sinus infection and the start of bronchitis, so he went on meds.

I was back to work on Wednesday, while Jdaddy stayed home with Buddy, who was cycling between sick and not sick. We weren’t sure if he could go back to school on Thursday, so we were playing the “wait and see” game. We got our answer at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday morning when Buddy woke up screaming with an ear ache. I stayed home with him in the morning and took him to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with a sinus infection, infections in both ears, and irritated/inflamed lungs. Jdaddy came home from work early so that I could then hurry up and run to work for a meeting. It was such a crazy day.

I’m happy to report that by Friday, Buddy was feeling so much better that he went to school and had a fabulous day. However, I’m not so happy to report that this “ick” has made the full rounds. I now have a touch of it myself. Right now, my body is fighting it like a champ and I only have mild symptoms (knock on wood), so hopefully I won’t get the full blown ick.

This weekend is full of parties. We have a very small party for Buster’s birthday this afternoon, followed by Buddy’s friend’s birthday party this evening. Parents are invited for pizza and cake (and drinks) and then we’ll take off and leave Buddy to spend the night. Tomorrow (Buster’s birthday), we have a family Christmas party to attend, so long as we are all feeling good and we don’t get the 6 inches of snow that’s in the forecast.

One fun little tidbit before I wish everyone a good weekend…

The boys have started playing hide and seek and their version is a riot. They will “hide” (Buddy understands this more than Buster, who basically just stands next to something and closes his eyes) while someone counts. As soon as the person goes looking, the boys will jump out and scream before you can even try to find them. They had me laughing so hard on Thursday night. I might just have to videotape this sometime.

And with that, have a great weekend!