I swear this was the longest week ever.

Even with a day off, it still seemed to last forever. Maybe that’s because I was off work for 11 days.

I started the week with a cold or something. I actually have had it since the Tuesday after Christmas. It’s a bizarre cold-ish thing where I just have a stuffy nose and a cough (constant tickle in my chest). It has made sleeping nearly impossible. I saw the doctor on Monday and he didn’t think I had any sort of infection, so he gave me a prescription for a decongestant/antihistamine combo. So far, the medicine isn’t helping much, other than to completely dry me out. I feel like a grape morphing into a raisin. All week, I’ve been on the countdown for the weekend so that I can sleep in, because my cough seems better in the morning versus at night.

In addition to me returning to work, the boys returned to daycare and school and think they are happy to be back to their routines. Even though I wasn’t anxious to go back to work, I’m glad to be back in our normal routine.

We finally received our vet bill for when Zoey was in the “Pet ICU”. It was just over half of what we were expecting, so that was a HUGE relief. Of course, no vet bill is always preferred.

We have some fun with friends planned for this weekend, and I hope to finally get all the Christmas crap out of my living room and back into the storage unit. I feel almost claustrophobic with all the Christmas crap hanging out in one room.

Oh, and the countdown has begun. 4 weeks from today, we’ll be in Cancun for some fun and sun. This will be Buddy’s 3rd time (we took him at 6 months and then at 2.5 years) and Buster’s 1st time. I am beyond excited.

Have a good weekend!