Yes, I know! Two weeks in a row. But man, I have a lot to thank lately.

Without further ado…

– To whomever it was (I can’t remember) that told me that Angry Birds was available on the Droid, thank you very much! Hello time suck. AND battery suck.

– To myself, thank you very much for introducing Buddy to Angry Birds. The kid won’t leave my phone alone anymore.

– Thank you very much to the sickness that still has not left my body and furthermore, teased me by allowing one good day only to slap me in the face with a sore throat the next day.

– To the sickness that has invaded Buster’s body, thank you very much for making him so miserable with that nasty cough. And you can now vacate. I know you are trying to saddle him with pneumonia, but we’re one step ahead of you and are already working on evicting you.

– To the city/county road commissions that I drive through on my way to work, thank you very much for waiting until after rush hour to plow and salt the streets. I mean, clearing the streets once everyone has already risked their lives to get to work and school sounds like a perfect plan. Keep up the great work.

There’s more, but I’m cutting myself off. Hopefully next week I won’t have anyone/thing that needs such awesome thank you’s.

How about you? What are you thankful for this week?