This weekend hasn’t started off on a great note.

The kids are pushing (and turning) all my buttons so far. And Buddy must be coming down with a cold because he is non-stop sniffling, which is my #1 pet peeve. I need to remember to JUST BREATHE.

Last week we had a 3 day weekend. There was a lot of hockey and a lot of swimming in that weekend. Buddy had a birthday swimming party followed by pond hockey with Jdaddy on Saturday. On Sunday, Buddy has his hockey in the morning and Jdaddy had a hockey game in the afternoon. After his game, we met some friends at a hotel so the kids could swim.

On Monday, Jdaddy and his dad worked on the basement. It’s been awhile since any work has been done down there because we’ve been so busy, but it was nice to see another wall go up. One more wall and a closet to frame out and then we (I really mean “he”) can move onto another phase.

I’m still battling a sinus infection, evidenced by the I feel like I’ve been smacked in the face by a sledgehammer pain I’ve been feeling. I finished my antibiotics on Thursday, so I’ll give it until Monday before I call the doctor back. The good news is that my cough is almost completely gone, and Buster is better too. Finally.

It looks as though Jdaddy will be getting himself a new car in the very near future. His car was acting funny and we thought it was the transmission, which we just replaced late last year, and would still be under warranty. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the transmission, but the catalytic converter and the car should have additional work totaling about $600. I can’t see paying out $600 to turn around and get him a new car within the next year, especially after paying what we did on the new transmission. So…we’re considering a Buick Regal.

We have some fun plans for this weekend. Jdaddy is at a pond hockey tournament today and while he’s gone, the boys and I have another swimming birthday party to attend. After swimming, we’re heading over to the birthday girl’s house so the kids can play and the adults can chit chat. Jdaddy will meet us over there later.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a relaxing day spent at home. We need to try our summer clothes on to make sure we have enough for our trip to Cancun, which is in 14 more days! It’s coming up so fast, and yet I feel like I have so much I need to do to prepare.