I started my senior year with a new roommate.

Al only had a semester left, so instead of living with us for one semester and leaving us to find someone for that second semester, we all opted to find a new roommate for the entire year. Thankfully, finding a roommate wasn’t too difficult. L lived just down a few apartments the year prior. Her roommates were all graduating, so it worked out well for all of us…for the most part. And Al wasn’t completely out of the picture, she and her boyfriend would come and visit us from time to time.

As I mentioned last week, I met a guy, Steve, during the summer. We went on a couple dates together before returning back to school. I didn’t know where things would go, but what I did know was that I didn’t want anything serious. And Steve didn’t really seem like the serious relationship kind of guy. There was something about him…maybe an immaturity? I’m not sure, but I do know that there was something there that kept me at a distance.

A couple of weeks into school, L introduced me to one of her guy friends, Scott. Scott had also recently ended a long-term relationship. He was a nice guy, and we hung out a few times together before he finally asked me on a date. The date went well, so he asked me to attend a friend’s wedding with him, and I accepted. The wedding was in town, so I figured it would be a fun night out.

While all of this was going on, my friend, E, who was still living in Detroit, called me one night and asked me to come and visit her for the weekend. I had a date, and a paper, and a test to prepare for, so I turned her down. Before I knew it, she passed the phone to someone else. Some guy. This guy then told me that he could personally guarantee that should I come to Detroit for the weekend, I would get “lucky.” I laughed at this guy and told him to put E back on the phone. I then told her she was crazy and to have fun that weekend while I was out enjoying my date.

As you can, I was having a pretty good start to my senior year.

A couple weeks later, things with the guys got complicated. Scott was over visiting and we were all playing board games and drinking and stuff, and Steve called and said he was going to stop by. Hello awkward moment. I had no problem with him stopping by, however, I had a feeling he would have a problem coming over and finding Scott there, and I knew Scott would have a problem with it, so I told Steve the situation. I’m pretty sure I hurt his feelings, even though I was bending over backwards trying not to, and we weren’t exclusive by any means.

Things were further complicated when I heard, through Laura, that Scott was only interested in one thing from me. In fact, without even talking to me, he booked a hotel room for the night of the wedding we were supposed to attend together. That was not cool…especially considering the hotel was less than a mile from my apartment!

I needed a night out, without guys, to figure everything out. Thankfully, E called and said she was coming to town for the weekend. E was my “party friend.” I had a lot of different types of friends, and E was by far my “forget everything troubling you and let’s go party” type friend. We made plans to go out Saturday night, and I was really looking forward to getting her perspective on things.

Saturday arrived and I dressed in my best black bar pants and black boots. We hit BW3 first. While we were there, E noticed some people she knew sitting across the place, so we went up to say hi. E introduced me to everyone, but one name stuck out. I’d heard that name before. I finally said to the guy, “So are you the guy that personally guaranteed that I would get lucky if I went to Detroit a couple weeks ago?” That guy turned about seven shades of red. Bingo.

Central’s homecoming was only a couple week’s later. E and her friends were coming up to school, so I had plans to see them for most of the weekend. However, prior to hanging out with them, I had tickets to see David Spade in concert with my roommates, and Scott. At this point, I was pretty irritated with Scott. He still hadn’t mentioned anything about the hotel to me, and so while I planned to go to the wedding with him, I had no intentions of staying at the hotel. I figured I could drive myself separately if I needed to.

The David Spade concert was fun, but I was really looking forward to seeing E and hitting the bar afterward. I met E at some hole in the wall bar that I had never been to before (and never went to again). When I arrived, I was surprised to see “that guy” (the Lucky guy) sitting at the table with her. I didn’t realize it, but Lucky (as I shall refer to him from here on out) and his friend came up with E. Lucky and I chatted the whole time we were at that bar. When we left that bar, we went to another with a line outside. It was freezing cold. Lucky took off his fleece vest and let me wear it while we waited in line. At the end of the night, he walked me to my car and we said goodbye. I knew we’d be seeing each other the next day while tailgating before the game.

I went to bed happy.

The next day, my roommates and their boyfriends and I all bundled up and headed out to tailgate. It was COLD. We set up camp on the outskirts of the parking lot and and I ran into E. She and I were walking around, saying hi to people and suddenly E was gone…and up walked Lucky. He was apparently “lost” as well. Mmm hmm. We walked around for awhile and finally found everyone again. At the end of tailgating (the stupid school made everyone either leave or go into the game when the game started), I found my roommates and learned they were going back to the apartment. E had invited me to lunch with them, so I accepted.

At lunch, Lucky and I talked some more and he ended up buying my lunch for me. I definitely felt an attraction to him, but I wasn’t yet sure how he was feeling about me. For sure, he was a really nice guy.

After eating lunch, everyone was tired from being out late the night before and getting up early for tailgating. I was dropped off at my apartment to take a nap while E and Lucky and the gang went back to their hotel room for awhile. We all planned to get together later and hit the bars again.

When I woke up from my nap, I went downstairs and was surprised to see that Scott had come over. Apparently everyone (my roommates and their boyfriends) were going to dinner and he just assumed I would be going as well. I hadn’t planned on it, and I didn’t like Scott assuming so much about me and what I would be doing, so I declined. I know it made him mad…but there was no way I was going to let him and his emotions control me, so I held fast and didn’t go.

I met E and the gang at their hotel and we hit several bars that night. Lucky became more and more flirtatious as the night went on…and I’m sure I was giving it right back. At the end of the night, he asked if I’d like him to come up the follow weekend so we could go on a date. I gladly accepted and we exchanged phone numbers.

Lucky and I saw each other every single weekend until I graduated, and then nearly daily after that. If you hadn’t guessed it yet, Lucky is Jdaddy. 😉 More to come next week. I still have so much to write about!