December? Already?

We’re only 3 weeks away from Christmas. I’m not even close to being ready.

The good news is, all the kids’ gifts (minus stocking stuffers) have been purchased. Go Jdaddy! If you missed yesterday’s post, you’d know that Jdaddy does most of the gift purchasing for me. I love him. And no, you can’t have him. He’s mine.

Last weekend was a lot of fun. We had an unplanned get together with some friends on Saturday. All the kids played while the adults chatted (and drank). It was a good time.

Sunday was our lazy day. We tried not to do much at all. We did, however, get the tree up. The kids were beyond ecstatic. Most of the ornaments found their way into the same lower quadrant of the tree. Jdaddy had to keep reminding them that there were other places to put the ornaments.

Cody, our Elf on the Shelf made his appearance this week. The kids are in awe of him, and so far, he’s working like a charm. I love to hide Cody each night.

My neck is about 98% better. It still bugs me when I lay down (dammit) and it feels like it needs to crack, but at least it’s not painful all the time anymore.

We received Buddy’s report card on Thursday and we’re bewildered. During the conference, she told us that there wasn’t anything she could tell us to work on with him (besides listening, not disrupting other kids, and not talking) because he was doing so well, and even asked if we felt comfortable keeping him in kindergarten again, versus moving him up to first grade.

Yet his report card came home with mostly “Progressing” as his score for the various areas. Kindergarten students can receive scores of Beginning, Progressing, or Secure. I probably wouldn’t question it too much, except she has him as progressing on counting from 1 to 30. The kid can count above 100, easily. And by 2′s, 5′s, and 10′s. So yeah, I think I need to say something…but I don’t want to come across as an overly protective parents who “just knows” my child is better than his report card shows.

Last night was interesting. On Thursday night, I thought our freezer was “clicking”, but I thought it might just be some ice stuck in the auto ice maker. Well, we figured out last night that either the door was partially open, or the freezer isn’t working. We threw out tons and tons of thawed meats and other foods. I’m so disgusted. Nothing like just throwing away a couple/few hundred dollars. Especially at Christmas time.

Oh, and please pray for me. We have Buster’s 3 year pictures and some family pictures tomorrow. Pictures are extremely stressful for me and with Buster not liking the camera (or to sit still), this is a recipe for alcoholism. Maybe I should drink beforehand. Or maybe not. We all know how my smile looks when I drink too much.

Have a great weekend!