I’m not one to really set resolutions

Originally, I had decided I wasn’t going to set any resolutions for the year. I mean, why bother if I break them within the first few weeks week few days??

But then I thought of a good one, and I realized that I owed it to myself to set a resolution.

This year, I resolve to listen to myself. So often, I neglect my own needs and wants in order to take care of and/or please other people. And that only leads to a stressed out, unhappy me, which isn’t good for anyone.

So this year, I will:

– Get my hair cut and colored when it needs to be done, rather than waiting until it’s convenient for everyone else
– Find some “me time” at least once a month
– Schedule outings with girlfriends more than once every three months
– Finally buy myself some new clothes that not only fit but that are in style without feeling guilty about spending money on myself
– Do at least one thing that I’ve been wanting to do, but putting off until it’s a “better time” (such as take a Zumba class or a photography class)